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tubex advancing growth



Tubex manufactures a wide range of products that enhance quick growth of young plants, protecting them from animals, maintenance operations (weeding) and also accidental herbicide spray damage. These products are used for Viticulture, Fruit, Forestry and Landscaping. The range includes shelters for vines, trees and shrubs, mesh guards and wrap shelters.


TUBEX Gamma Prodotti

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TUBEX Special Forestry

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Special Forestry

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TUBEX Viticoltura

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TUBEX Ecovine

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TUBEX Vinewrap

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TUBEX Fruitwrap

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TUBEX Easywrap

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TUBEX Treeshelter Ventex

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For further information about Tubex products please visit www.tubex-italia.it
or contact Nowotec at the following contact details: phone no. +39 0522 431167 , e-mail address tubex@nowotec.it


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