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Non-woven fabrics are characterised by a highly porous synthetic structure featuring thermoplastic polymers. The advanced manufacturing technology adopted ensures a large-scale, cost-effective production. Nowotec offers a manufacturing service tailored to the needs of each single user of non-woven fabrics at competitive prices.
The manufacturing process of spunbond non-woven fabrics does not use adhesives and offers the possibility to both change the pore volume and adjust its features. Fibres are produced using an extruder, then they are drawn by means of an extraction jet, laid on a conveyor belt and bonded through a calender. Thus, it is possible to obtain highly porous non-woven fabrics processing any thermoplastic polymer – especially crystalline polymers – at a reduced price.


Nonwovens are highly versatile products of exceptional quality used to manufacture a number of everyday objects – a detail that is often ignored by the average consumer.
Nonwovens, which look like a textile weft, can be easily combined with other materials and offer cost-effective solutions for manifold applications in an increasing number of sectors.

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