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The company

Nowotec boasts a wide experience of Non-Woven Fabrics and aligns itself with industry leading manufacturers.
Thus, it can guarantee continuous development and innovation and offer a broad range of materials tailored to the specific needs of customer as well as a widespread technical and sales support.



Nowotec was founded in Milan by J.H.Benecke GmbH / Germany (now Benecke/Kaliko), a leading company in the field of automotive components.
It entered the nonwoven industry, thus serving a larger and larger clientele in the hygiene, medical and technical sectors.
The company expanded to South Europe, Africa and the Middle East setting the standard for the development of non-woven fabrics.
It moved to the Reggio Emilia premises and developed the filtration technology. The first Meltblown, Tekton and Reemay products where launched into the Italian and South-European markets.
Nowotec became sole distributor for the Fiberweb group in South Europe.
The cut line for pleatable nonwovens – used for the production of cartridges – was introduced.
The premises were extended and the second cut line for filtering materials was introduced.
Nowotec SRL avails itself of the best manufacturers of non-woven fabrics in order to guarantee its customers a wide selection of products tailored to their specific needs as well as excellent quality and service.


Quality certifications

Nowotec believes that quality is the key to success as well as to customer satisfaction. This is why it is currently being ISO 9001 certified.


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